Individual Budgets

ICMS can support you if you receive self-directed support (SDS) which is when the social work department gives you money to buy and pay for your own support. We can support you to manage your budget and ensure your Direct Payments go towards paying the bills they are intended for. (See Direct Payments page)

If you want, ICMS can also be your financial advocate. For more information on financial advocacy go to the Advocacy & Appointeeship page.

Account management
A financial advocate from ICMS will talk to you about how you can use the money you receive from SDS funds.
If you want us to:

  • We can open an ICMS bank account for your money.
  • We can make sure you receive the correct amount of money and help you to plan your budget.
  • We can make sure your money is used to pay for the things it is intended for.