Self Directed Support, Direct Payments, ILF Funding

ICMS Can help manage your care package funding

We can open an account here to hold your funds and pay your care provider invoices, personal assistants salaries (see payroll below) and any other costs approved by the funding body. We can then provide evidence to the funding body to show how these funds have been spent.

Payroll Services

Do you need a payroll service?
If you employ your own personal assistants/carers, even if it’s only one, you need to process their salaries/wages to ensure they pay the correct amount of tax, national insurance etc. You also need to maintain accurate records and submit returns to the funding authority etc.

Individual Cash Management Solutions (ICMS) is able to carry out all financial aspects of the service on your behalf as follows:

* Operating a separate bank account for you. The direct payment is paid into this account by the funding body and all costs, including salaries, employer’s liability insurance, pensions etc. are paid out of this account.
* Paying staff and issuing 13 payslips (4 weekly pay schedules). Payments direct to staff bank account

* Paying HMRC each month for Employers and Employees National Insurance and Tax.
* Issuing P60 to staff at end of the financial year.
* Year-end payroll returns to HMRC electronically.
* Returns to local authority as required
* Processing pensions and keeping staff informed as required

How does it work?

If you decide to go ahead you would need to complete and return an employer information form with your details, so we can register you with HMRC.

Each employee would need to complete and return an employee information form to allow us to register them as employees on the PAYE system and begin to make payments. If they have a P45, this would also be helpful.

Thereafter you just need to let us know the hours each staff member works each pay period and any holidays they have taken and we will process the salaries accordingly and make the payments direct to them on your behalf.

We can also arrange employer’s liability insurance for you as it is a legal requirement.

What does it cost?

We charge a one off set up cost and then a weekly charge for operating the payroll depending on the frequency of payment e.g. weekly, 4 weekly or monthly, and the number of staff to be paid.

Please contact ICMS for our current charges

How do I get started?

If you would like to use our services or simply want to discuss in more detail, simply ring our office where our staff will be happy to help you.