Here is an explanation of some of the words used on this website.

Appointee – A person or an organisation like ICMS who manages someone’s benefit money if they do not have the capacity to do it themselves.

Appointeeship – Someone else manages your benefit money for you if you cannot manage it yourself e.g. due to incapacity.

Bank account – A place where your money is kept safely. You can get your money, such as your benefits, paid into it and pay money out from it such as your bills.

Bank statement – A list of the money you have spent and the money you have been paid into your bank account. It tells you how much money you have every month.

Benefits – The money the government gives you if you do not have enough money or have a disability. It can help you pay for your care and support, your house, your food and other things you need to buy.

Budget – A plan that says how much money you are getting and how you want to spend it.

Capacity – Being able to make a decision about something yourself.

Care provider – An organisation that gives care and support to people, for example with personal care or social activities.

Community Support Leader – Someone who manages support workers.

Department for Work and Pensions – The government office that pays benefits.

Direct payments – The money you get to buy your support

Fairer charging – Paying for some of your care and support if you have enough money.

Financial advocacy – Supporting you to be in control of your money.

Financial advocate – The person who supports you to manage your money.

Individual Service Fund – The money you get to buy your support.

Local authority – A Government organisation in a particular area of the country. They have lots of responsibilities including managing care and support.

Motability – a scheme that helps people with disabilities to get a car or other vehicle.

Person-centred – Support that puts your needs first to give you more control in your life.

Self Directed Support – A new way of managing your money keeping you in control.

Social services – A Government organisation that gives support for things like housing and care.

Support Team – The important people in your life. This can include your support worker, family, friends, citizen advocate, care manager and your ICMS financial advocate.